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How to Decorate Your Lake House on a Budget

If you’re dreaming about how to decorate your lake house but you aren’t quite sure how- you’ve come to the right place! We’ve outlined some tips below to make your property cozy and quaint while not breaking the bank.

Painting the inside and outside of your new waterfront home

Paint is an easy and cheap way to decorate your lake house. Consider sticking to natural colors, like white, gray, brown, or green, that complements the outdoors. Soothing blues and grays are great for cottages as well. Make it a family project and get to work making your home cheerful and welcoming by freshening up the walls.

Picking practical furniture

For furniture, buy pieces that can double up on use. Lake houses can be on the smaller side, so buying pieces that serve more than one purpose will save you space. For example, purchasing a couch that can double as a bed or a coffee table that has drawers for storage. Try looking for used or refurbished furniture at garage sales. The later you go in the day, the cheaper the price will be because oftentimes the seller does not want to pay for the piece to be removed from their property.

Accessorizing naturally 

Accessorizing your house does not need to be expensive, especially if you’re matching the theme of your lake house to nature outside. If you’re going for a natural theme, consider gathering pine cones by the door in a wicker basket or making picture frames out of wood scraps to create a cozy, rustic feeling. Wood signs with your name engraved on them are also cute and popular additions to lake houses. Hanging them in the living area or over the front door is a warm and inviting addition to your waterfront home.

Picking the right fabrics

Picking the right fabric is key to making your new waterfront property feel like home. Choose a pattern that is easy to match and complements possible features like wooden floors and supports beams. The curtains are the piece of the room that ties everything together, so think carefully when choosing the print. Affordable fabrics can be found online or at some local fabric stores in the clearance section. 

Selecting outdoor furniture 

When picking a material for outdoor furniture, keep in mind that it will have to withstand some wear and tear because of the Maine weather conditions. Plastic is the most affordable option. It’s light and withstands moisture well, but if you want your furniture to last for multiple seasons, you may want to invest in more solid material, like hardwood like teak, or HDPE lumber made from recycled materials. Think long-term when picking your outdoor furniture and take care of your pieces.

Still unsure?

We have put together several lake house deals and know how to style them. We look forward to hearing from you!

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