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How to Sell Your Waterfront Home in the Spring

Homes on the WaterfrontSpringtime is a great time to sell your Maine waterfront home. The same advice, as usual, applies when preparing to sell your home, clean and declutter your living spaces, make small home improvements to increase curb appeal, and stage your home to sell. Spring is a hot market in Maine, and buyers are interested in lakefront properties, so follow our specific waterfront property tips to your property an edge this spring!

Make sure your waterfront property is open and operating

Depending on your living situation, your waterfront property may be a second home and get little use in the winter months. It may go without saying, but make sure your property is up and running before showing it to potential buyers. That means the water and electricity are turned on, as well as small details being put in place, like trash bags being put in trash cans and checking that the pantry is clear of last year’s food. Make sure the bathroom and kitchen are stocked with simple amenities like hand soap. Small details like that do not matter much when you are opening up the camp and enjoying it with your family for the first visit of the year, but they will matter to potential buyers! 

Keep floor mats out to ensure floors stay clean

Spring is a hot time for the market, but it’s also mud season in Maine! Put out mats for potential buyers to wipe their feet on. No one likes a dirty house with muddy floors. By putting mats out, you do not call as much attention to the likelihood that floors will get dirty in the springtime, especially when you’re by the water. You want to show your home in a favorable light and give the best impression possible, so consider scooping up a few floor mats the next time you go to the store.

Clean up the property

Over the winter, branches, or even small trees may have fallen. Clear the branches and twigs off of walkways and rake any pine needles or leaves leftover from the fall. If you have a deck, examine it for any nails that may have become loose. Buyers will likely want to walk around your property, so make it easy for them by removing any potential hazards.

Prep the dock

Direct waterfront access is the most obvious perk of a lake house! Make sure your dock is open for potential buyers to walk out on. Inspect it for any mishaps that may have happened over the winter, like ice damage. If you have a boat, consider putting it in the water for staging purposes. You want to set the scene and have the potential buyers imagine their own families enjoying themselves on a hot summer lake day. 

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