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Preparing to Sell Your Maine Home

Congratulations on deciding to sell your Maine Lakes Region home! Selling your home can be a big life decision, so kudos to you for beginning the selling journey. Sunset Lakes Real Estate is here to help with some selling tips.

Clean, clean, clean, your house!

We all know Maine lakeside properties have their fair share of dirt, pine needles, sand, and who knows what else tracked into the house. Clean your house from top to bottom so it appeals to potential buyers.

Going along with the cleaning theme. . . declutter your home

Potential buyers want to envision themselves in your home, so consider packing away personal family heirlooms and photos for the time being. Remember to declutter your closets to make them look as large as possible because storage space is a huge selling point. 

Make some home improvementsMan painting cabin window

Touching up your home and making home improvements does not have to be a pain. Small things like fixing that window that never shut all the way, giving a few rooms a fresh coat of paint, or fixing a leaky faucet don't take too long and will make a difference to buyers.

Stage your home to sell

Putting out props like fresh baked cookies, flowers on the counter, and cleaning up the doorway area will make a world of difference. Additionally, consider leaving your agent alone with the potential buyer to put them at ease.

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Now, it’s showtime! For more information about selling your Maine Lakes Region real estate:

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