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A Guide to Maine's Lakes Region

Are you unsure of which Lakes Region or Frye Island area is right for you? Read on to learn the differences and similarities between popular lakes. 


Sebago Lake

Yellow canoe on Sebago Lake with fall foliage and blue skies
Sebago Lake is the second largest lake in Maine, covering about 45 square miles in surface area and having a shoreline of about 105 miles. Naples, Casco, Standish, Windham, Raymond, and Sebago all border Sebago Lake. Sebago Lake Park is located on the northeast shore between the towns of Casco and Naples. The park offers lakeside camping, picnic areas, and boat launches. Along with longing by the shore, Sebago Lake is great for boating, fishing, and even plane excursions to see the lake from an aerial view. Frye Island is located within Sebago Lake and houses seasonal residents. The island can be accessed via a public car ferry from Raymond Neck, or by private boat. Of the lakes in the Lakes Region, Sebago Lake is the largest, most well-known, and has the most action going on. View listings on Sebago Lake.


Long Lake

Long Lake is an eleven-mile lake located between Naples, Maine, Bridgton, Maine, and Harrison, Maine. It is 4,867 acres and connects to Brandy Pond through the Chute River. The lake is home to summer camps, such as Camp Newfound, Camp Owatonna, Camp Takajo, and Camp Wildwood. The lake attracts many seasonal residents. Those who enjoy fishing will love Long Lake due to the variety of fish, like salmon, pickerel, lake trout, brown trout, brook trout, large and smallmouth bass, and white and yellow perch living in the lake. View listings on Long Lake.


Brandy Pond

Brandy Pond, or Bay of Naples Lake, is located in Naples. Its size is 740 acres. The body of water is connected to Long Lake one on end and Sebago Lake on the other. To get to Sebago Lake, you must use the Songo River and pass through the Songo locks, one of the last remaining hand-operated locks in the country. View listings on Brandy Pond.


Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake is 4,426 acres and comes in contact with Casco, Otisfield, Oxford, and Poland, Maine. The lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the area, being in the top 5% of cleanest and clearest lakes in Maine. The shoreline has shallow, sandy areas as well as steep rocky coasts. There are only 1200 homes in the greater Thompson Lake area, so snatch one if you see it! View listings on Thompson Lake.

Panther Pond

Panther Pond is 1,439 acres in the town of Raymond, Maine. The pond is known for its warm-water fish species and it’s annually stocked with salmon. Though it’s normally a quiet area, crowds gather here for the annual bass tournaments. View listings on Panther Pond.


Highland Lake

Highland Lake is about 4 miles long and covers 1,401 acres. The lake comes in contact with Bridgton and Sweden, Maine. Highland Lake has over 16 miles of shoreline, two coves, and several islands to explore. Fishing, swimming, sailing, and soaking up the sun on the shore are all common summertime activities. View listings on Highland Lake.


Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake is 703 acres and is located in Raymond, Maine with the northern section of the lake in Casco. The lake is known for its incredible bass fishing, it’s been called the best spot in the state! View listings on Crescent Lake.


Panther Pond

Panther Pond is in Raymond, Maine, and covers  1,439 acres. The pond is connected to Crescent Lake and Sebago Lake. The pond is known for its warm-water fish species and it’s annually stocked with salmon. Though it’s normally a quiet area, crowds gather here for the annual bass tournaments. View listings on Panther Pond.


Little Sebago Lake

Little Sebago Lake is 1,898 acres and is located between Gray and Windham, Maine. It’s easily accessible to both Portland and Freeport, Maine which is known for its shopping and business opportunities. Like the other lakes, Little Sebago is known for its fishing and bass tournaments. View listings on Little Sebago Lake.


Pleasant Lake

Pleasant Lake is a 1,077-acre lake in Casco and Otisfield, Maine. The shoreline houses many cabins and pieces of lakefront real estate. Pleasant Lake fishing has been accelerated in recent years due to the stocking of salmon and lake trout. View listings on Pleasant Lake.


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